Two Years of Thiagarajan Kumararaja Super deluxe Classic cult

Its been 2 years, Since the release of Super deluxe, I believe it’s an one of classic cult film from the Thiagarajan Kumararaja. Check out Some more Pictures & much more review from this movie in my point of view…

Right from the trailer release, Nope i need to go back little back yep that’s some of the 2 snaps released by the team in twitter while the shoot is in progress. Samantha is trying to cut a man’s body with having a knife in her hand..

Whoever forget this opening Scenes of Sammu in this movie. It was a shocking intro Scenes for her still in her cine career. Samantha Played as a Vaembu is definitely one of the best role till date and worth a watch

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But Asusual Vijay sethupathi outclasses all and shines in a transgender role as Shilpa

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And also we happened to see our Evergreen Gorgeous Ramyakrishnan in 2 different types of sides in her life one as lovable mom but the other is short one

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Who will forget this innocence character in this movie lovely cute and his dialogue deliveries are awesome tooo

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