17 Years of Dhonism Golden Era of Indian Cricket

On this day in 2004, Cricketing Nation’s Very much loved MSD debuted against bangladesh.

Nobody could have believed A Man from Ranchi will came into the international cricket and do the wonders for the nation in a short span of time.

In the Span of 17 years each and every cricket followers from kids to very old mans will know about him and some of his achievements.

we will really lucky to have a cricketer like this in our generation.

Check out some of the lovely pics from my twitter account. ASAP will post as an gallery in this page.

With 17k International runs, All the 3 ICC trophies and the Test Mace for the first time ever. And 4 IPL trophies for the same franchise and so many countless other records.

But from the above all, the sheer admiration he receives from indians is simply unmatchable. After Sachin tendulkar he’s one of the mostly loved cricketing personality all over the world at the times

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