Yashika Aannand is back with Red hot gorgeous Photoshoot pictures after an car trash

Yashika is back to her best what she’s mostly known for… Yeah it’s obviously her gorgeous pictures from the photoshoots and her new movie releases.

Now, Both of them are started to flow one on the social media and other on the theatres.

Yashika is one such an teen actress in Tamil Cine industry who’s looking to make some bold attempt in movies and photoshoots too. It’s been a while we missed her due to an injury which occurred for her late in

After the tragic loss in her life through an car accident she missed her close buddy in an car trash and also she has been met with an major fractures & injuries now she’s slowly getting back to an normal life it seems.

She’s getting ready to entertain her fans through some awe inspiring gorgeous photoshoots and her new movie releases.

Recently her latest movie “R 23 Criminals Diary” got released worldwide. It’s an intriguing crime thriller film directed by Gowtham Raghavendra produced by

After an long time Yashika Aannand is appeared in an latest photoshoot with Red hot gorgeous outfit.

Seems like she’s eager to get back into what he’s known for ultimately…

Let’s see how she’s getting into shape in movies and in photoshoots..

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