Idiot Sneak Peek Featuring Mirchi Shiva Nikki Galrani Directed by Rambhala

Here’s the Sneak Peek of the upcoming ghost spoof film “Idiot”, Starring Mirchi Shiva, Nikki Galrani and Redin Kingsley Directed by Rambhala.
This film is presented by Screen Scene Media.

Check out the Funny Sneak peek from the movie featuring Shiva & Redin Kingsley

பேய் vs சிவா = மரண comedy இருக்கு ✌️😀

Cast & Crew Details :

Starring: Mirchi Shiva, Nikki Galrani, Anandraj, Oorvasi, Akshara Gowda, Mayilsamy, Singamuthu, Ravi Mariya, Kingsly & Others

Idiot Sneak Peek Featuring Mirchi Shiva Nikki Galrani Directed by Rambhala

Producer By: Screen Scene Media Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Executive Producer: Siddharth Ravipati

Head of Distribution: Kiran Kumar S

Director: Rambhala

Cinematographer: Raja Bhattacharjee

Music Director: Vikram Selva

Art Director: Videsh

Editor: Madhavan

Promo Editor: Arul E Siddharth

Publicity Designer: Pawan

Costume Designer: Abhinaya K

Production Manager: N.R. Kumar

Also Check out the trailer of the film below

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